The beneficiaries of the Formula Green Foundation (FGF) encompass the 8 key organisations which comprise the Official Maharlika Association (OMA) together with global programs organized by the American Basketball Association (Global) and other

partner programs which bring relief to the needy.

The Official Maharlika Association organisations are as follows:

1. Maharlika Trust (Charitable Projects).

2. Maharlika Arts, Music & Culture Foundation.

3. Sultanate of Sulu (contract growing program).

4. Maharlika Armed Forces (education fund only starting 2021).

5. Maharlika Indigenous Tribes Foundation.

6. Maharlika Religious Orders.

7. Maharlika Overseas Workers Association.

8. Talleano Estate (contract growing program).

Over 10,000 beneficiaries benefit from the FGF program every year.