Digital Assets.

The Formula Green Corporation (FGC) and it's philanthropic arm, the Formula Green Foundation (FGF) has launched a digital assets program to tokenize its space industry assets. The assets covered under this program encompass space fuel (hydrogen and deuterium), various minerals and carbon credits.

Positioned as an asset-backed cryptocurrency, the "MHLK-IRM" benefits humanitarian efforts by the Formula Green Foundation in partnership with the Official Maharlika Association (OMA) and various organisations worldwide who work to enhance the world we live in.

As digital assets and digital currency evolve in our world today, humanity continues to lean towards decentralized leadership to provide the people with an equal chance of survival in a world where capitalism is controlled by a small percentage of the world's population.Thus, to achieve lasting peace for humanity, FGF has embarked on a consolidation of space industry related assets and is also advocating a "Resource Based Economy" (RBE) for mankind to balance the supply of basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter).

The RBE is a platform of a friendship between, Mr. Jacques Fresco (1916-2017), a United Nations Awardee and author of the RBE and our Chairman, Mr. Paul Monozca. The RBE also comprises several family offices who support the FGF Digital Assets program as a philanthropic initiative from Europe, The United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The digital assets program of the Formula Green Corporation (FGC) and the Formula Green Foundation (FGF) observe strict protocols on the management and conversion of these assets pledged to any digital currency to ensure protection against fraud. Our digital assets program continue to observe and monitor key developments in the use of digital currencies worldwide and strictly follow government regulations on the use of cryptocurrencies.

Please view our whitepaper here.

(Note: The FGC, FGF and OMA are not affiliated with The MHLK Foundation). 

For more information on our humanitarian efforts please view our beneficiary sites (gallery pages) at The Official Maharlika Association and Formula Green Foundation.